From Little Spark
To Star

Your Child Gets The Loving
Care They Need To Grow

From Little Spark To Star

Your Child Gets The Loving
Care They Need To Grow

Infants | 0 - 2 Years | Serving Alpine & San Diego, California

Caring Teachers Answer
Your Child’s Every Need

Cuddle, swaddle, diaper change, feeding, and more. Through responsive, loving action, our caretakers let your child know their every need is fulfilled. Your child feels safe and cared for just as much as at home.

Movement And Physical Play Strengthens Growing Muscles

Our spacious and neat layout invites your child to test their balance and gain strength daily. Outside, our playground is where they crawl, wobble, toddle, and slide, all under the attentive care of caretakers who ensure their safety along the way.

Your Child Quickly Builds
Language Skills Now

We use books, storytelling, songs, rhymes, and discussion to narrate the world around your child, and help them unravel all its wonders by putting names to all the things they see, touch, and hear.

Spanish And Music For
Early Language And Math

Every week, your child will move to the beat of the drum with a visiting music teacher, learning mind-body connection, and basic counting. Spanish and baby signing offer new ways for your baby to express themselves, empowering them even when they can’t find the words.

Events Help Supercharge Your Child’s Early Learning

Look forward to events throughout the year like potlucks, so we can get to know each other better. Take advantage of tons of volunteer opportunities to inspire a deeper school-home connection, and share your talents so we can all shine brighter.

Get Up-To-Date News
On Your Child’s Day

Thanks to our easy to use app, you’ll have a direct connection to your child’s teacher. You’ll also receive pics and reports about their naps, feedings, and activities, so you can stay in the know and build a bridge between your child’s early learning and home.

Whole Nutrition When Your
Baby Is Ready For Solids

From formula or breastmilk to solids, we’re here to help with food transitions and are happy to defer to your preferences. Our catered, hot meals and snack offer your child a healthy and delicious start to solid foods when they are ready.

COVID-Safe Precautions
Protect Your Child’s Health

The center has reduced class sizes and ask that parents not enter the building. For those who do, we take temperatures to check for fever, and deep cleaning and sanitizing happen daily. We also encourage repeated hand-washing for everyone so we can lower the risk and stay healthy.

Your Child Is
Safe In Our Care

Limited access entryways, tall fences securing the perimeter, and security cameras are just some of the safety features we have to keep your child safe. Attentive and protective teachers also keep a watchful eye on your child, ensuring they’re always in the clear.

Hear from Parents Like you

Verne Brooks
Verne Brooks
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Rising Stars a great environment for the kids to learn , have fun and most importantly safe. Highly recommend parents to check this location out if your child ready for Pre School.
Tomi Kelly
Tomi Kelly
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I have walked through the facility met with staff and the CEO, The Preschool is conducive to learning and building little people into big leaders.

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